dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Tiger I late - Schwer Panzer Abteilung 507

To change a little bit of the 4BO green I show you a project made last year. It's a Tiger I late from Tamiya with Verlinden zimmerit, some Photo etched parts from Eduard and a little bit scratch like tool clamps ...
The painting was made with "old system" (without zenithal or modulation style) with Tamiya paints.

It depicts a Tiger of the 2nd compagny of s. Pz.-Abt. 507 in april 1944 in the Tarnopol-Brody area. This compagny was one of the best Tiger unit of the Heer. Within 11 months in operation, this unit has destroyed more than 500 tanks.

I have planed to add figures but I have to improve my painting techniques and why not a little vignette.

Comments are welcome.

samedi 12 juillet 2014

T-80 Soviet light tank - Finished

Hi friends ! My T-80 is now finished. It depicts a tank of an unknown unit somewhere in Ukrainia in summer 1944 probably a command tank of a SU-76 unit like it was often the case for these light tanks. It was the last light tank ever build by the Red Army.

The weathering is made primarily with AK Interactive products, oil paints and pigments. I hope the result is somewhat realistic so your comments will be very useful fo me. Thanks in advance my friends !