dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Tiger I late - Schwer Panzer Abteilung 507

To change a little bit of the 4BO green I show you a project made last year. It's a Tiger I late from Tamiya with Verlinden zimmerit, some Photo etched parts from Eduard and a little bit scratch like tool clamps ...
The painting was made with "old system" (without zenithal or modulation style) with Tamiya paints.

It depicts a Tiger of the 2nd compagny of s. Pz.-Abt. 507 in april 1944 in the Tarnopol-Brody area. This compagny was one of the best Tiger unit of the Heer. Within 11 months in operation, this unit has destroyed more than 500 tanks.

I have planed to add figures but I have to improve my painting techniques and why not a little vignette.

Comments are welcome.